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November 10, 2011



So is the 2011 invasion of Libya by NATO.


Still mourning the death of your hero, Ghadaffi?

It must bother you to no end that there are people alive to today in Benghazi thanks to Nato's intervention (no invasion).

Strahler 70

Hindsight is an exact science. I've been for the liberation of Iraq although I knew the campaign was against international laws. Wasn't it a shame that these laws gave (give) carde blanche to any criminal once he gained absolute power on 'his' sovereign territory? Even the obvious lies of the Bush administration seemed a minor problem to me in regard of the great achievements that could be made in the name of a justice higher than those international laws. But the first victim of war is the truth. The second victim of the Iraq war was Saddam and his regime, but the third victim were and still are the people of Iraq - because the coalition forces' set-up was only strong enough to win the war but not to win and maintain peace and security. Lies have short legs, the road to hell is paved with good intentions - fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me! How could I ever support another war? So I've been against the war on Libya, not because I was for Ghadaffi, but because I deeply distrusted France's intentions. It appears, David, your confidence was correct and my distrust was wrong, but as we learn from that we should be very careful to make the promomotion of wars 'in the name of humanity' a habit. Yet it is not absolutely where the liberated Libyan people will end up nor whether Libya was just a stepping stone for future engagements of NATO/EU-forces in Africa.

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