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December 05, 2011


Strahler 70

Racists feel threatened by non-white strangers and they are entitled to carry fire weapons; the shoot to kill bill is just the logical conclusion. The harmonic symbiosis of America's two great constitutional rights, freedom of speach and gun ownership. A+B=C, David, you can't escape your own algebra.

Strahler 70

Freedom of speech, I guess I'll never learn that...


I'll defend freedom of speech to the end. But our crazy embrace of guns is based on a false interpretation of the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.


Paradise? Lol. Here's proof,


Perhaps all those Mad Dogs should congregate up there.... and eat their own tails... leave the rest of the country to decent human beings.... That Swastika also makes a good target for us sane folks who are gun rights advocates...

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