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January 28, 2012



I have hated Mitt Romney from the first that I began reading the putrid articles supporting him. It began to seem like pure scatology or even Beatnik scat, like just random words in meaningless order with the name Romney thrown in, like "Mitt Romney me nacho yesterday burrito." But what can you expect from a Masshole. I am convinced that some other power decides who is president and controls the mindless masses to vote.


michijo - "Romney scat" - I like it!


Yes, I like the fact that scat also refers to feces! But it is troublesome to find out that banks and oil companies fund presidential campaigns. I personally dont trust Obama either, as he received so much money from British Petroleum. Though to his credit, you literally cannot become president without BP!


It is wonderful what's coming out about Romney. With the huge amount of money his superpacs have, it is still going to be hard to defeat him, but I'm sure he will be defeated.

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