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January 10, 2012


dz alexander

Well, the bullshit is pure anyway.
And David, that does look like a mule.


I am an American, and I have Norwegian, German, American Indian, and Ulster Scots, and I am in no way a plow horse. In fact, I am a mongrel that almost no one can make work or pull a cart or do anything. I run very fast and cannot be made to vote, believe in war, or do anything that I do not want to do. In fact, Germans who are pure blooded are relatively more easy to deceive and turn into slaves by the US government! They will really believe anything the news tells them in Germany.


There are no pure-blooded Germans. It's impossible.


Germans are like Republicans in the USA, they have no humor and imagine one must be socially conscious of everything, like their auto-arsons. It simply doesn't occur to them that some people are like cats, the idea of a car being burned in Berlin means absolutely nothing either way. Tell a cat: a car is burned in Berlin. The cat stretches and yawns: who cares about cars in Berlin?

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