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February 25, 2012


Alfred Marx

Mormons have more to do with Christian, that you can imagine. After all the head to the LDS Church is Jesus Christ himself.

And your drawed image is rather unilateral. You only visited antimormon Websites to get informations.
Are Mormons Christians, this question is discussed very well on the Fairwebsite

Mord im Autrag Gottes is a book with is also well discussed in the United States
So here the English and the German link to.


Strahler 70

I think I've read about them before. I almost grok it! But - I'm not in that detail stuff, I'm more concepty. You are God, I am God, who is not?


Romney will never be president. It is sufficient to point out at every opportunity that the man is a Mormon.
We can all relax.


The fact that Mitt Romney, whose first name is extremely pretentious, encourages Germans to think about Mormonism, shows one of the major flaws of Europeans and Germans in general: they believe deep inside that the USA and its leadership offer valuable trends.

I think you have seen the connection in your Norwegian classmate to religion and Vitamin D deficiency in Northern Europe. Perhaps that connection can also be made to why they believe the USA offers valuable trends.

ps: The poster who defends Mormorns doesn't know that draw(n) is an irregular verb.

Strahler 70

Michijo, have you ever tried to write or read under the influence of LDS? When all the letters turn into colourful small cars and animals moving happily around? Everything is irregular then.

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