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February 22, 2012


Strahler 70

A German Pope in Rome, a pastor the German president, both of them, in a their own ways, inquisitors. I see patterns...God help us all.


David - you might find this piece in TAZ interesting:


2 years ago I thought what could you like in a protestant priest who is favored by SPD and Green Party?

The more I read about him, the more reasonable he appears to me though. A decisive anti-communist who is determined to be proud of German heritage regardless of the country's past, a person who does not consider Fascism more evil than Socialism - quite astonishing for a public figure in his generation.

He might be the right person to create a consensus between younger and older Germans.

And it appears to me he might have a striking similarity to Koehler: Being accepted by the people as one of them in contrast to the political class, which might add to the growing alienation of the people and the established political parties.



Thanks and good to hear from you again!


David, this sounds as if you intended to warm my cold heart :-)

I will do my best to add my thoughts more often.


"I love it when a book sparks controversy."

I love it when a book is well written.

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