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February 12, 2012



By focusing on the church, you are missing the the crucial point. Is it fair (let alone economically viable) to mandate that employers provide their female employees with birth control? Apart from the obvious sexual discrimination (no free condoms for men), the unintended consequences of this mandate will actually lead to more AIDS. Yes, you heard me right, more aids, not less. DO you really think that men will be incentivised to use a condom during sexual intercourse when they KNOW that their female partner is getting free birth control from their employer?


Everything involving mass-social policy in the USA is flawed. Whether it is about health insurance or sex, mass social conflicts in the USA lead to mental-retardation on a mass scale. The best tactic in the USA is and has always been to watch out for yourself and follow your gut-instincts, and ignore everybody else.

I like to imagine two Americas: one where people are involved, and one where you stand outside and watch from within. I prefer the latter. I dont even like to vote. Of course these little people with their healthcare conflicts and religion are troublesome, but so were the Lilliputians.


It's all about the money. I'm not fooled, and plenty of other Americans aren't fooled by these old farts either.
BTW: The two comments above are really really dumb.


My comment was not dumb. I am an American mongrel, and I have seen the cliches intrinsic in international society and in the masses. I refuse further to take part in the fascistic movement of the masses.

People who vote and fight with each other over their ideas are like Lilliputians. Its just some dimension Gulliver encountered where ideas have too much weight. There are many others.


I am an atheist, but I will say this of Catholics: they are fairly charitable in most cases other than stupid ideas about abortion. They have their own hospitals and run giant charity organizations to bring refugees into the USA. I am a volunteer refugee ESL instructor, and have seen the Catholics working in the background.


There are millions of Catholics doing God's work.

I don't include the Bishops among them.


The real issue for me is that lobbying should be outlawed. It depersonalizes the normal American, and places these powerful groups in control of policies. British Petroleum is one of the biggest lobbyists. Normal Americans will all develop anxiety disorders just thinking about Washington D.C.

Strahler 70

"You are God."

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