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March 25, 2012



I wonder what brought about the idea among the war participants that they needed to portrait themselves as having "clean hands", when they had simply followed the course of their times.

I would rather expect that only a minority wanted to spin their background, while the rest simply adapted to the new times with good consciousness. That at least is the impression I got from those participants I knew.


no doubt the public knew, 17 million people murdered, the businesses support and supplying it and all the activity surrounding it, no doubt. just as the SS who threw the xyclon-b in the hatches did not ho into the chambers, so they could say "i never worked in the gas chambers". Knew the crime being committed and even while it was going on, tried to separate themselves from it. It would be hard to be a child or grand child if such a person but trying to cover it up will not help. learn from it do it is not repeated ad we see in the Middle East today. We still see anti-Semitism, hatred if Christians, hatred if Muslims, and many others. the seeds of such atrocities still exist.

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