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March 24, 2012


Strahler 70

Albert Speer got away with crimes against humanity by claiming to be responsible without knowledge. That was clearly a lie and he had much less to offer than von Braun. Indeed, von Braun was subordinate to Speer, who put all the blame to the Fritz Sauckel of the SS. I suppose the U.S., in person of their weak prosecutor Jackson, already paved the way for operation paper clip at the Nuremberg trials.


The irony is that von Braun's weapons could easily have had a crucial impact on the war.

Due to Germany's advantage in the literal rocket science and its well established chemical industry, it was in the unique position of being able to focus on remote and long range delivery of lethal gas barrages on industrial levels.

But as Hitler refrained from pursuing this path, von Braun's rockets didn't influence the course of the war significantly.

However David I think that von Braun should be remembered for his strict pursuit of research and progress.
I think his career is the perfect example that war - may it be hot or cold - always propels science. All resources are pooled to make possible the one goal, to cross the boundary where no one has gone before.

And to succeed in a harsh environment, harsh individuals are required :-)



If it is true that wars lead to advances in technology, then I would just prefer to do without the technology.


Now keep in mind the seemingly endless amount of solar systems in our and further galaxies.

Should on one or many of the planets surrounding those stars life prevail, inevitably one day mankind (or its successors) will get in touch with it.

Wouldn't it create an ethical dilemma for you to have slowed down progress for peace's sake so that you can be easily overwhelmed at the aforementioned point of time?

Strahler 70

Zyme, that's nonsense. With extremous arguments you can justify or dismiss any point of view.
By the way, you think size matters? Like a trillion apes given a trillion years to type will sooner or later write a phrase of Shakespeare? That's nonsense, too, because along with that phrase they also should reproduce any sentence ever written by any human being, even the telephone book of Chicago should be possible then. Could be the same with the universe, we might be alone and yet there is no evidence for or against that.


It is exactly my point that size is not what matters the most - level of development is the most crucial aspect.

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