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April 04, 2012



1) Now the old issue breaks up again: The horrible split between our media and the populace.

Israel the biggest threat to world peace as an incredibly anti-semitic statement?

Look at this poll:


Isreal considered to the biggest threat to world peace in the EU - already in 2003!

But this assessment has been picked up neither by the media nor by the established parties in the meantime. I wonder why.

2) Another issue is mentioned in Grass' poem: The ongoing donation of submarines to Israel.
I see 3 things that need to change here:

- No more donations
- At the very least sell them at market price and
- Don't forget to offer the same to Iran to uphold the balance of power

Then both sides finally come to reason as all aggression ceases in the face of nuclear power.


That's still no excuse for publishing a bad poem. Why didn't he just write an op/ed piece attacking Israel?


Artists... :-)

A good pilot who has something to say in his neighborhood will attach his message to his aircraft and fly above the streets on a sunny day.

A hacker will put his message on one of the most visited websites.

These people would not write op/eds either. Each and everyone uses the means he excels at.


I thought the "message" in the poem was pretty dumb. But I'll always defend Grass from hacks like Henryk Broder.

Strahler 70

Hopefully, the name of one submarine will be "Butt".


You should read Tariq Ali's essay.


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