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April 21, 2012



Funny, the guy already looks like a Mainer. He integrated fast eh? Maybe we should secede. I live in Maine also.


Strahler 70

What are the costs of health care insurance at an average income?

In Germany it's about 15% of the monthly income. Employer and employee pay 50% each. A net income of 2000 € would result in 2x 150€ = 300€. And the family members would also be insured.

I'm just asking myself why Mr. Bruns couldn't afford or did not want an American h.c.i.

Strahler 70

* In Germany, the net wage, for the average employee (married, no kids), looks like this:
2000€ gross wage
-190€ income tax
-164€ healthcare insurance
-196€ pension insurance
- 30€ unemployment insurance
- 10€ solidarity tax
net wage: ~1385€

For the employer, add his share of healthcare and pension insurance to 2000 = ~ 2350€


Why do you think we nevertheless do not have Obamacare in reality? I was once watching a Polish film about an American who couldnt speak Polish but tried to love a Polish woman who spoke no English. Essentially he used a translator, but found he was unable to tell the translator even in English what he wanted. The translator explained "he is tongue-tied". This is in fact what Americans are, tied up regarding everything. everything is futile for Americans. They cant solve the homeless problem. They cant solve the healthcare problem. They cant fix the schools. It's as if they are bound up in a straight jacket.


@Strahler- Bruns cannot get get health care insurance in the US - he is sick - at any price. This will change in 2014 if "Obamacare" is not repealed.

@michijo - I'm a Mainer as well.


I think I read one time something you said about living here. Of course the real draw of this blog was a strange feeling I got from Der Spiegel, and then I found some article you wrote against them pointed. I read a lot of online news. There is something I dont like about Obama either, a strange feeling about him.


here is something I dont like about Mitt Romney either, a strange feeling about him. Maybe it's the magic Mormon underwear.


The magic underwear makes him invincible. We can send him to fight in Afghanistan without body armor. Remember, voting for a Democrat doesnt insure that they are the president. After all, I voted for John Kerry and he lost. Then he tazered a college student in Florida and made jokes as the student screamed in agony. Harrison Ford, also from Chicago, when asked his religion, said "I was brought up Democrat". There is something quite down to earth about the Green Party for me. The other members are humble comrades compared to the personality cults surrounding Democrats.

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