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April 28, 2012



I dislike the FED as well, because I see it as a private institution. I dislike privatization. A lot of people are really tired of banks you know? But Gold Standard? I see no reason to return to the source of the problem. I would rather peg the dollar to wheat or grains or something. Other things have value, water for instance.


The Euro is doing wonders for the Continent's economy, I hear.


World Currency:



Dear Germany: Ron Paul is a white supremacist with ties to neo-Nazis: http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2007/11/dark-side-of-paul-phenomenon.html

Here is Ron Paul's fascist legislative agenda: http://dneiwert.blogspot.com/2007/11/ron-pauls-record-in-congress.html

And here is his "homeschool curriculum" for those who wish to raise miniature fascists, weaned on a pro-corporate perversion of Christianity (this is the American 'Tea Party'): http://www.talk2action.org/story/2013/4/9/124434/9216/Front_Page/Ron_Paul_Curriculum_Launched_by_Reconstructionist_Gary_North_and_Neo_Confederate_Thomas_Woods

Oh, and let's not forget Ron Paul's pro-slavery speech in front of the Confederate flag (of former slave-holding states):

You're welcome.



What do you think of his son? I put his chances to win the Republican nomination at less than 5%.

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