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April 04, 2012


Strahler 70

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, I think. In general, the motto of the Pirate Party is "Yes we can", while the bigger people's parties like CDU, SPD and, in East Germany, the Left Party, just would say "Interesting point, but no majority issue. No, we can't (risk a debate)." Examples: Prohibition of drugs and online gambling. Though it doesn't work and never has, billions are wasted instead of implementing legalization and taxation. We have some 5 million criminalized pott smokers and also as much online poker players in Germany. That could be 10 millions votes for any party, theoretically. Plus, we have 35% of the population that are non-voters, because they have lost any faith in the political establishment.

Now, we have a non-extremist alternative to vote for. The big parties can't do nothing more than to mock them as a fun-party that can't be taken serious, themselves also running "a homepage" with "bits and bites and click and clack" (Seehofer/CSU).

The Pirates stand for change. Yes, Germany can!


I personally hate all European politics. Politics are governed by generations, just as mentioned in this article: babyboomers are said to vote for the Green Party, and each party is sectioned off to growing pains within various generations.

I find this repulsive, especially when Europeans try to apply the same thing to American politics. For instance, I heard that in the USA the green party was NOT supported by the baby-boomers. But to the retarded European view, all individual choice has to be removed.

Europeans dislike free choice, preferring movements of masses and groups to explain any single person's preferences.

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