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May 02, 2012



At last, a fair coverage. By the way, in Germany you don't count as unemployed anymore, if you don't get a job within one year. Then you are Hartz IV and fall out of the stats. Jobless rate plus Hartz IV double the numbers...


koogleschreiber, that's not true. Get your facts straight.


It is simplified, that's true. But 2010 we had 7,400,000 in Hartz IV, though the stats counted only 2,500,000 as jobless. If you are sick, you are not jobless. If you are older than 58, too. If you are a 1-Euro-Jobber and work more than 15 € the week, you are not jobless. I could go on. The jobless rate is a doctored rate, everybody knows that.


You can get ALG II (that's the correct description btw) even if you are working full-time, but are not able to make ends meet (and that's not 1€-Jobbers only). The biggest single part of those who receive ALG II are counted as jobless. Also, in that total number (7.5 mio) you stated are children included, too. So that number is misleading (and outdated), and your first statement is untrue.

According to the newest monthly report of the Agentur fuer Arbeit, there are 1.89 mio jobless people who receive ALG II, and 2.54 mio of those who receive ALG II, but are not "available to the job market". There are also 1.71 mio people on ALG II who cannot work, 95 % of which are children. That makes 6.14 mio people on ALG II in total (the offical number is 6.232 mio; I probably missed something).

There is nothing "doctored" here. Everything is clearly stated in the official publication. You just have to be able to read it, or make the actual effort to do so.

The rest is just spin.

dz alexander

// Recently the party has been marred by a scandal over how to handle the far-right past of some of its members, [...] on Saturday, party members overwhelmingly approved a motion saying that any effort to deny or minimize the Holocaust would be against the party's fundamental values[...] //
I read somewhere that authorities tend to consider anti-semitism or anti-Israel positions to be a defining characteristic of "far-right". Therefore those mulitiplying groups who profess admiration for Israel & Jews get left out of the mix and are not watched. I wonder if this is the reason that the so-called donair killers & their police helpers had such a long run.
For example the PI blog you often mention is not consider far-right.
I"m looking forward to see where they fit Mr. Brevcik in the next Europol terrorist report.
From the report
NSU deaths ARE listed as rightwing terrorism. [now that they know who they are]
// Suggestions made in open sources that the attacks in Norway in July 2011 were acts of right-wing terrorism, or had links with right-wing extremist groups in the EU, have not been substantiated. //

I guess "link" means something different than it does for muslims.


I, like many others, often wonder that presidential elections are so expensive, so why in fact doesnt Obama use Facebook and Twitter, both free services? In essence, the question is an insult to Obama, who actually took money for his campaign from a variety of sources, and if I am correct, BP was one of the donors. Why, when we have the free internet, do politicians waste so much money on campaigns? The campaigns can do little but insult the world of people who are not extremely wealthy.


Based upon the fact that human rights mean so much to you David, I would have really been interested in your thoughts on the immense amount of pressure put on Ukraine by Berlin in the recent weeks (re Julia Timoshenko), which has even caused the Ukrainian side to speak of "Cold War methods" employed by the Germans (by discussing a boycott or withdrawal of the Euro-Championship in favor of Germany).


@Zyme - based on what I know Julia Timoshenko is being unjustly incarcerated, so I am proud of Berlin's position.

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