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May 25, 2012



Germans are trash anyway. They'd sell their own mother's tombstone for ready money. The neo-nazis all have small foreheads, are throwbacks to some Neanderthal race, of which one ought not to be proud of! One can only laugh. France and Italy are the more appealing lands in Europe. Germany has all the appeal of the American midwest.


It's pretty ignorant to denigrate an entire people or nation. Why bother even reading this blog if you believe that "Germans are trash anyway."?


This blog often points at Germany negatively. Since I got sick of Germany, this blog amuses me. A German once told me "Americans are easy to control. You will work for US." I dont know if he was trying to make me hate all of Germany, but Ive met enough like him to write the whole land off as a useless region of money-grubbing jerks.

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