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May 19, 2012


dz alexander

Remember how Ian Buruma & Timothy Garton Ash were excoriated for characterizing her as an "enlightenment fundamentalist"?
She's come a way since then, saying in effect that the only good muslim is a former muslim & recommending Christianity as a better faith.
More or less the mediaeval version of anti-Semitism.
Now she is turning to the intermal enemy. Partner to the resident Imperial Historian of the neo-cons, yet.
I see she was fulsomely introduced by Leon de Winter
Youtube of the solemn occasion -- http://www.youtube.com/watch%3Fv%3DLiz6O5qPphg&usg=ALkJrhjpjjFvOxzQNT8cVstjo2l_rmMv9Q


Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an inspiration and I wish the world had many many more like her.

A wonderful and brave woman.

Mubin Shaikh

Hirsi Ali is a FRAUD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z82C10myBmM

Anyone who gives inspiration to a mass murderer SHARES the responsibility of the crime and those that foolishly claim her as "a brave woman" or otherwise, inspiring, ought to know you're in the company of bigots and otherwise, evil people.

Passer by

Lol Christianophobic pseudo-left wingers whining about Islamophobia. Supporters of Palestinian Natonalists/Fascists crying against a Norwegian fascist. Pro - Third World Nationalists crying against Western Nationalism. Non-White Racists whinning about white racism. The Left no longer exists, it is being replaced by non-western ethnic and religious interests.


Anyone who calls Hersi Ali a fraud is supporting and condoning the genital mutiliation, female abuse and islamic totalitarianism that was perpetrated against Ms Hersi Ali and women like her who have to live with abusive neanderthal islamic men and is likely to be either a stupid enabling leftist who understands nothing or cares nothing about abused women under Islam or a political muslim who loiters around these story lines.


Posting again to clarify what Lucy wrote and what I wrote:

Lucy: Anyone who calls Hersi Ali a fraud is supporting and condoning the genital mutiliation, female abuse and islamic totalitarianism that was perpetrated against Ms Hersi Ali

Me: My word Lucy, what a dumb individual you are.

Just because people who like to speak the truth expose the lies of Hersi Ali (because let us face it, she has told many), it does not mean they stand for all that you wrote.

Lucy, please get a brain.


What Did the muslim actually do to deserve all this negative critic? Is there an urge to demonise a certain group because they do not value the things we value the most, like alcohol, sex and naked women. I'm really considering becoming a Muslim just for the fun of it! L


Devil? Who is the devil here? Is it the wonderful Ayyan Hirsi Ali or is it a cult that comes along as a religion but actually is an arab-fascist ideolgy of the worst kind? She has been the recipient of many awards and she could not care less if some people on the left try to slander her. The left has always hated her because she cannot be misused to silence the multitude with the racism argument. Here in Europe you criticize islam, the left accuses you at once to be a far-right racist. Well, since she is a black woman that does not work well with her, and that is why they hate her.....top

patrick schneide

A women says about her birth name mariage...she is very smart she knew very good what the west likes to hear
she take it that opprtunity to say lies to be famous ritch etc.. I notice she create every time a new song one time she has nothing to do with islam only the extrem islam other side she talk about a war against the musulmworld and many many otherthings ..when she came the firsttime in nederlands she coverher hair ..and she pray .when she discovers the lght o the west she become blind... she denite her parents her culture everything .. i see she is psycophate women ...believe her only the stupid and sick people like her.. thank you. Patricks schneider

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