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June 03, 2012



My anti-capitalist mentality has always stood me in good stead against these loan sharks. I was born in an apartment building and still live in. I scoff at the people who were taken by these banks. I hate the American way of life, and proudly say that I have never owned a car or a home. Jews want us to buy these things, so they can rip us off. Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank all have one thing in common: Jewish money-changers.



Poor David!



Also jetzt reicht's aber! Dieser Idiot geht mir auf die Nerven...


What do the Jews want from us, David?



I have noticed for some time, that you complain about people like Ackerman and Bausano and Nazis, but there is some strange blind spot you have: all these guys you complain about are Jews. Are you secretly an anti-semite who is spreading anti-Jewish propaganda in an obtuse way?


Since all you have to contribute is ignorance and hostility, I ask you to kindly refrain from commenting on this blog.


I am not hostile in the least. I am a very laid-back sort of person with a fairly good sense of humor. I apologize if I have come across as hostile. You didnt laugh slightly when you read:
"What do the Jews want from us, David?" I thought I phrased it perfectly for humorous delivery!


Cripes! I'm laughing, although it's wrong of me. Can you believe it? BTW: I know an actual Jew who spends almost no money, does not drive and lives in an apartment.
I know a lot of Jews, as a matter of fact. It's much easier to get to know Jews in the U.S. than in Germany, for some reason.


To hell with Germany, Israel, and the USA. Peace.


Sometimes I think Canadians have it really good. Their economy is better. They don't have to be Americans, and they are saved from dealing with Europeans as well.


I agree, good riddance to Ackermann! His tenure was a disaster. As for Jain, apparently he doesn't even know German, which I would have thought was a prerequisite for (co-)heading Germany's biggest bank. The info that he was closely involved with the questionable practises before is even more worrying.

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