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June 30, 2012



Protesters in Athens with strange posters has been entertaining and is one thing. Spain coupled with France and Italy uniting against Germany is quite another.

With Britain standing by idly, I start to feel uncomfortable with the way Europe is moving to.

When so many Western European governments turn against us, I say it is high time to do the reasonable: Look for reinsureance from the East.

Let's discuss a new level of partnership with the only country that does have mutual interests with us: Russia.
Because I wouldn't want to find myself in a 1914 situation again. Would you?


Germany and the IMF can both bugger each other.


@Zyme What needs to be done is the disbandment of NATO and the destruction of the institution known as the IMF. Obviously the IMF ruined Greece, Yugoslavia, and everyone else. Destruction of IMF is paramount. I am proud to say I walked in one of the only protests in which an IMF meeting was canceled, the one that took place in Prague.


Its funny to see Trump trying to hide his bald head. I am only 33 years old and already going bald and getting gray hairs. I have already given up on the hair thing. I guess it cant be helped. Strange to see someone so old as Trump but yet still not being able to deal with balding.


In the USA, anyone who doesnt conform to the Republican-Democrat conflict will be put under intense stress and go bald and gray very young. You can see just being the president makes you go gray, as Obama went gray shortly after becoming the president. It's on account of being held liable for everything that these idiots in the government do that I lost my hair. I began feeling so much hate for Germany and the USA about a year ago that I actually felt a burning sensation at my temples as the hair turned gray almost immediately. I wonder what it is like to live in a free country where one is not forced to vote in a two party system?


The American liberal votes for the Democrats expecting a better policy than conservative Republicanism and religious mania, but what we get is not liberalism but a leader who will help Germany by leading NATO to bomb the whole world to pave the way for German economic dominance. The IMF goes in first and ruins the economy, then NATO comes in a bombs them. I didnt vote for a Democrat so they would kill civilians to protect French, British, or German oil in Libya.


You in Germany may think this is funny, but I am an American, and when the voting begins, I am not voting at all. I am going to sit at home and relax, read a book, maybe do some painting. You can get the other American dupes to vote for the Democrats.


OMG... a frog in a well, talking about the ocean. Germany leading NATO? German oil in Libya?
Books? Paintings? Coloring books, I suppose. :D



We need better mental health care in the US.


Did the IMF not wilfully destroy the Yugoslavian economy with wage freezes through illicit deals with Ante Markovich? Did this not lead to ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia? Did Germany not lend weapons to Croatian fascists to fight the remnants of socialism in the Serbs? Did Bill Clinton and NATO, with Germany by it's side, not drop depleted Uranium onto the Serbs? Are there not now Delhaize branded supermarkets in former Yugoslavian territory, and did this war not help Germany take over the EU by expanding into Eastern Europe?


Just face the facts: Germany and the USA are fascists and NATO is fascist. If it was up to me, the USA would turn completely Socialist and all of you people like David would be in special work camps! ;)


Europeans are shit, just as I have always imagined, dragging the USA into wars overseas. I have hated Europeans for a number of years. There is something so stupid about Scottish or German pride. These fucked up inverted cunts in Northern Europe with their miserably blind views of the USA and the rest of the world.



You need better mental health care in the US.

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