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June 27, 2012



I agree. In ancient Egypt circumcision was a method to mark slaves and enemies and newer researches show the Jews took over that practice in the times of Moses, also as a replacement for human sacrifices. The Qu'ran doesn't command circumcision at all, it is disputed wether the Hadiths do or if they only recommend it. An 8 day old male baby will surely not remember the pain when it is older, but for any conscious being it must truely be a traumatic experience if it is used with force.


Hi David -

I was genuinely surprised by your stance in this case. It appears you value individual rights higher than religious rights close to your affiliation? I would salute that!

Also I was surprised by Michel Friedman's unusually soft tone in his article at Welt.
It appears these kind of practices are losing support.



I refused to have my sons circumcised even though circumcision is a common practice in the US for "health reasons" - also among non-Jews and non-Muslims.


The Foreskin is an external Part of an Organ and a functional Organ by itself like f.E. Nose & Ear.

No Reason to cut It off, if not for a "real" medical One.

Purely barbaric and Harm & Pain and the mental Dammage are totally underrated.

By the Way, such a Beauty, that for Once, the Abrahamics are sticking up for each Other to keep this Torture Going.

21st Century my fuc**** Arse!


Haha, Jake I am with you :-)

It is time we dispose of these anachronistic mindsets!

Harvey Morrell

Als deutscher Jude, I am distressed by this ruling, although not as much as I am by some of the comments.


By which Comments are you distressed Harvey?
Them, which disagree with the senseless Mutilation of Newborns/Children-male/female. etc. ...

I do not care out of which senseless Reasons functional Bodyparts, of Children or Whoever, are chopped off!

It is absolutely nothin more, than a barbaric Business, ... relidiotly motivated or what so ever!

Example for whatsoever:
"Denn Kellogg war ein fanatischer Masturbationsgegner. Als Arzt notierte er in Schriften, was häufige Selbstbefriediger zu befürchten hätten: Impotenz, Krebs, Bettnässen oder Verrücktheit. Deshalb empfahl er als Therapie, masturbierenden Jungen die Vorhaut zu entfernen - ohne Betäubung. Masturbierenden Mädchen sollte die Vagina mit unverdünnter Phenolsäure verätzt werden."

America still choppes It off!

What is it, you're distressed about?? ... Harvey


Yes, I was circumcised in the USA and I am not a Jew. Doctors said it was for health reasons. Clearly it is the Jewish conspiracy to make all Americans become Jews. This cabal must end! ;)


It is clearly part of the USA's paranoid society. It's like the "objects in mirror are closer than they appear warning". My Belgian friend said that it was American paranoia, that this warning was not in Europe at all. Circumcision is probably the same.


By the way, this reminds me of an old joke that can't be translated:
Was heißt Phimose auf Plattdeutsch?



"Clearly it is the Jewish conspiracy to make all Americans become Jews."

There is something to this.
I'm German, not Circumcised, living in America.
Whenever i show a Knife or Scissor to my Foreskin, i start talking in Tongues and i think its Hebrew ... Pots honest Truth!

... A Rabbi catches a Thief in his Synagogue.
'What did you take, the Rabbi asks'

'Nothin, says the Thief, .. i was just hungry and ate that Bowl of Pork-Chop'

'Idiot, says the Rabbi, .. we've had 30 Circumcisions yesterday ...'

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