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June 25, 2012



19th Century, that was when good old Marx was getting drunk and riding around on a Donkey in Germany. I'm waiting for Socialism to take over. I want my Spreewald Pickles and Mocha Fix Gold coffee! Rebuild the wall! I want to live in Eastern Germany. I wont complain about the lack of choices.


Germany as a modern nation only started with Bismarck, so the claim that its decline began with him is a bit meaningless. And it's also meaningless to talk about it being somehow better before, perhaps in some ways it was for some, clearly not in others, but some sort of unification was more or less inevitable in an age of nationalism anyway. The problem was not unification per se, but some of the tendencies and events that followed for various reasons, but so were some before unification too.

Unfortunately there really is too much muddleheaded nonsense pronounced when it comes to Germany, not least by some Germans.

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