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June 16, 2012



The solution is one I have known about for some time: split from the American South and it's Judeo-Christan fascism. Let them run their military adventures and use Latino immigrants as soldiers until the end of the world, but let them do it alone, I say. Still a fan of the Second Republic of Vermont and hoping for the end of the USA:



for once, I almost agree with you (emphasis on almost).

dz alexander

Always ready to read what you recommend David --
But I found my "especially interesting" bit in the very first paragraph --
// the Nazi Party was conceived, [...] by masculine-oriented male homosexuals who hid their sexual proclivities from the public, [..] by publicly persecuting [...] effeminate-oriented homosexuals aligned with the German Communist Party. //
So homosexuals are BOTH fascist & communist. I love these "lumpers" who have room in their tiny brains for only one enemy.


A lot of the impetus religion has in the American South is specifically that it has a target in controlling Washington DC and the rest of the USA. It gives them the push/pull that drives them. If given a separate land, namely "The Confederate States", it's plausible they would fall on their faces, having lost of fulcrum to pivot on, so that liberals could easily take over there.


Little-Known U.S. Document Signed by President Adams Proclaims America's Government Is Secular:


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