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July 25, 2012



Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if we could allow ourselves to be ignorant of all this? I am not interested in money and finance per se but have had to learn a lot about them.
I guess my feeling of boredom is a reaction to the banality of evil in the world of high finance.


Hattie, the two most important reasons for war are population pressure and huge financial liabilities. "Buy when the cannons roar, sell when the violins play." --- Carl Meyer Rothschild

When the banks come down, there will be war. Was it just a coincidence France drove Europe into war in Libya at the top of a financial crisis? The crisis is not over yet and might easily become worse. Iran and Syria are the battlefields of choice, over and above that Obama might feel obliged to show a sign of strength to get reelected in november and in a few days four US-carriers and a French one will arive in the Straight of Hormus, while a Russian fleet is on the way to Syria... The 'banality of evil' in the world of finance is highly infective to the world of politics. We must not react with boredom!


I do wish banking could go back to the days before Glass Steagall was repealed and it was a boring business - but profitable if the risks were properly managed.

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