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July 14, 2012



"The banality of evil." The process of visualisation of brutality in movies and television is astonishing. Which was the first western movie ever where the face of a killed indian was shown, in other words, where indians could be identified as human beings? Another milestone was Kubrick's Clockwork Orange, a real shocker in its days.

Today it appears to be very difficult to entertain the dull audience. American producers of crime series are most creative in inventing ever new methods of killing, slomo replays are standard like detailed forensic inspections as well. Nothing is left to fantasy and imagination anymore, the horror is not in your head but before your eyes. It was a long way from the classical Hitchcock movie to Natural born killers, Pulp Fiction or CSI and it was also paved with pictures of the real mass murders we learned to get used to like the holocaust, Srebrenica and Ruanda.

I suppose 'Michael'will be dismissed by the American audience because it's not in 3-D.

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