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July 15, 2012



Why do you consider yourself a New Yorker? I lived in New Yorker for 6 years, in Astoria Queens and Manhattan, and yet do not consider myself a New Yorker. I nevertheless do not like that city and imagine it as the ultimate gnat magnet for immigrant suckers who want the American Way of life. I reject New York and long for the dissolution of the USA as a unified entity.


If you live in New England, you have to be against New York. I dont think you have yet attained the true New England spirit: New Yorkers are loyalists!


Well, unless you are Native American, your ancestors were immigrant suckers - like all Americans.

My wife's family arrived from Avellino on a steamer from Genoa, passing through Ellis Island. They settled at first on the lower east side of Manhattan, and then later in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn.


I think some of your readers hate America for all the wrong reasons (;


My ancestors were varied, and yes they were suckers. My great grandmother was from Copenhagen and married into a German family in Philadelphia that had already been in the USA a few generations. She arrived through Ellis Island as well. My great great grandfather was a coal miner in Pennsylvania and never even finished elementary school. He had to leave school to work in a Protestant coal mine: child slavery! Underaged workers! We had it all in the USA. Fun note: he worked in the same mines as the Molly Maguires, the IRA socialist group that bombed unfair mines. I am excitingly part of Real America, unlike you first generation immigrants. And I am proudly a socialist and always vote socialist.


That's why I moved up to Portland Maine. Maine has a history of secessionist movements even in the 1980s. People here wanted to join Canada, Quebec. We do a lot of trade with Quebec. Vermont also wants to secede and the secessionist movement in Vermont even today is connected to the Bloc Quebecois. Northern New England is an opportunity to destroy the USA and get revenge.


Make Northern New England an autonomous state. This will isolate the United States.

ווניין גא

With all due respect to this review, it might be more reasonable if the strong satirical aspect of Koeppen's travel writing were mentioned, as the negativity he holds against America around the 50s or in general is too blatant to be ignored, leaving alone his "homecoming" that only sprouts contempt and the "affinity" that never exists.

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