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July 04, 2012



The line "recognized by our country’s founders" is the clue that these right wing types are lost in some kind of fog. It has been proved over and over through historical documents that "our country’s founders" were not very religious at all. Early America had a very socialist revolutionary feeling. I suspect even that Benjamin Franklin would have approved of Socialism on some level. I see the American revolution as being a shirking of many things British, including The Church of England, the Anglican religion. In part, the only reason we have Freedom of Religion in our constitution is because they didnt have it in England. While the founders of the USA may have allowed you to be religious and to follow Quakerism, or be Amish, it was not because they were themselves religious, but because they opposed British control.


A once read a book by John Fowles called "A Maggot". He is more famous for The Magus which became a film. In "a Maggot", he talks about the way that Quakerism and such originally played a part in revolutionary activities against society in England. But that ultimately these forms of Christianity outlived their usefulness as a form of rebellion and either became insane, like the Shakers in upstate new york, or merely became part of the new establishment order and ceased to be revolutionary. Interesting book to read philosophically related to the American revolution and what religious freedom used to mean in the USA compared to now:



Does the Texas GOP also run a branch in a security agency like the NPD in the German Waffen-VS?


There are all kinds of assholes down in the south west, including the "Minutemen", self appointed guardians of the Mexican border. The real stupidity of these people is that they are in Texas, far away from where the founders lived. Texas was little more than a penal colony like Australia. If you look at places the founders hung out, Philadelphia for instance, where the liberty bell is, you'll note that Quakers and Amish are very prominent. Philadelphia after all is called "The Quaker City". William Penn, what? None of those Presbyterian Ulster Scots down south have anything to do with the founders. In fact, the Ulster Scots live out west in Texas because they were not permitted to stay in Boston and the North East. There is simply no historical connection between them and the founders.


Interesting connection between prisoners, convicts, and religion. Just noticing even street preachers where I live, some have the tear drop tattoos around the eyes and preach about former prison terms. I suppose religion in Texas and the American South in general is related to them being prisoners and former convicts.


I thought the Ulster Scots lived in Ulster? You know, because of the name?



I thought that the NPD were some kind of rude, angry, nazi types. They are simply conservatives that want to save their country. They don't want Germany to become colony of the Middle East with Sharia law. For some reason, the liberals believe this is just horrible. Liberals should do a little research. What happens to homosexuals in Muslim countries? What happens to women in Muslim countries? What happens to political dissidents in Muslim countries? I don't understand European liberals. It is like they are cutting of their noses to spite their faces.


The NPD are not "simply conservatives". They are an anti-democratic neo-fascist organization that glorifies the criminal Nazi regime...

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