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August 22, 2012



This is explosive stuff. We hope that this nonsense will lose the election for the Republicans.


I'm afraid this will only have minor effects, Hattie. It's only a preaching to those who are already convinced, a message that the loose ends in the extreme right have a voice in the Republican Party. And there many more things like this on the agenda of the campaign: Why all muslims must hate the jews. Why tax cuts for the super rich reduce poverty in general. Why abolishing social welfare reduces poverty. Why fire weapons prevent crime. Why it is a test of the believers that God created a world that only looks like it is more than 4 billion years old. Why crude oil is a renewable resource. Why skyrocketing energy consumption has nothing to do with the climate change and why think tank sponsored by the oil industry are trustworthy and NASA and the JPL are not. I could continue, but the examples for stupidity appear to be endless.


Yes, the Republicans don't seem very reality based these days. But I really think they are going to lose the election!


completely awesome

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