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August 01, 2012



That may all very well be, but it wasn't Romney's intention to come across statesmanslike. The trip was a campaign stunt for the voters at home. Foreign policy is not important for them.


Americans may not care about foreign policy, but they don't like whiners and losers. And that's how Mitt Romney is seen- a pathetic whiner and loser.


I'm an American and I care about foreign policy. Do I count?


Given all that the question would be who is the foreign policy camarilla around Romney? If his voters don't care much about foreign policy as long as they feel like having a strong leader, will a new administration end up in another simplified, say new world order 2.01? Here the US and Israel, there the muslims, Russia and China: You are with us or you are against us?


I am an American, and it's interesting to see what kind of candidates the "proud little-Americans" will have on their platter to choose from in mainstream culture. It's funny, that once you start not to follow these US elections, and dont read the news for a while, you come back and really think: who is this election really for? I am American, but am I supposed to vote? Who is that guy in the dark suit with gray hair at his temples? The elections belong to some class of people I am not involved with.

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