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August 03, 2012



Blood awful. You could laugh at them if they hadn't murdered people.


btw, maybe it's only a question of time these white christian fanatics start suicide bombings and terrorist attacks with airplanes...


You know, I grew up in the USA and many people make racist comments or have some degree of racism in their minds. It is not surprising at all to see such a group in Germany or the USA. People tend to be racist to some degree. The superficial politically-correct model of educated thinking is a kind of post-modern lie.


There is a lot of facile thinking about race. But there are a lot of Americans, like me, for instance, who are not racist.


Real un/funny the two Cops, had no Idea what they getn into: http://kopperschlaeger.net/2012/08/polizei-beim-ku-klux-klan-irren-ist-menschlich/


There are way more Chances to see the Sandman on his V8-Cloud on a regular Base.


One more Thing: "Wehret den Anfaengen" ..... was dismissed right after '45!

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