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September 20, 2012



Hilary Clinton's agenda is merely to advance Protestant imperialism in the form of military action against China under the banner of William of Orange.


"William of Orange" is Hilary's petname for Bill Clinton, because he is an Ulster Scot and loyal to the crown. In England he is known as "Sir William of The Depleted Uranium".


...said he who is known as "Sir Michijo of The Depleted Cranium".


Haha = oder besser: er hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank!


Dont worry, I am sure the bourgeoisie Democrats will win the election, and you can continue profiteering and making war in your liberal way as opposed to the horrific and more insensitive Republicans. If you are going to be a war-mongering profiteering capitalist, you might as well do it in a liberal sensitive manner, so you sleep better at night.

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