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September 28, 2012



I would say not only German Leftists have sympathies with Assad.

When I look at the relative absence of religion from the ruling government class in Syria right now, I can only shudder at what can be expected to follow should the revolutionaries prevail. I find it way more comforting to see a rather secular military class in power by contrast.

To put it in right wing American words: Assad may be a bloody bastard, but he is our bastard!

He opposes both American and Israeli interests and stands against religious extremists. What more could you ask for in the Middle East?



There never has been a military intervention or support for humanitarian reasons, but for national interests. It is easy to distrust the ambitions of the big global players because the history lessons demand it.

Nevertheless I wouldn't go so far as to say 'the German left's support of...' is generally this or that. The German left is much bigger than the few exponents of communist hardliners within the Left Party who have a reserved seat and voice in their media.


I'm sick of German leftists tweeting anti-American messages on their iPhones, or posting on facebook.

Judging by their embrace of dictators and authoritarian leaders like Putin, their hatred of America is much greater than their love of democracy and freedom.


Having lived in a squatted anarchist building in Berlin for a year, I can say I have encountered anti-Americanism and understand Germany. They have a perverse bitterness toward Americans, even Americans who are sick of the USA! Even if you agree with them, they still hate you for being American on some level, and even if you proclaim that you want to live in Turkey and that Muslims are your buddies, they will bitterly push you further and suggest you to live in Iraq, as if you had anything to do with that war either.

I was thinking on this subject recently and it comes down to this: Europeans are too complicated. Their way way of thinking is filled with stereotypes and fear, so that they complicate everything into a cliche reality that bothers even them. They hate the cliches they fabricate while promoting them, then to escape, they delve into abstraction and become irrelevant and even elitist. Real life bothers them a bit.


For the European mind, there is always a safe-haven in provincialism.


As an American, I dont have any desire to be involved with the middle east, Islam, or Israel. If it was up to me, the USA would be neutral and never lend military support overseas.


For instance: when the Bosnians and Croats started a war with Serbia, they proclaimed that they immediately believed the USA would help them, but were let down when the USA didnt quickly enter the war. Then the Germans wanted the USA to help in the war also, and finally in retaliation, Serbians committed something like genocide. All this could have been avoided if the USA was known to be militarily neutral. The Bosnians and Croats would not have started the war. Thus, the USA IS behind many conflicts.


Rabid anti-Americanism is prevalent in Germany only with the left and the far right. In my experience, for 95% of Germans there is zero antipathy towards Americans (despite disagreement with some US policies).

This is not necessarily the case in France!


David obviously you do not count in the way most Germans look down on things they call "American".

From your own experience, is this attribute associated in Germany with things considered to be admireable / positive?


Europeans, in my experience, are not only provincial, but villainously hypocritical, eating at McDonalds and wearing blue-jeans, and watching all trends that come from the USA, then bitterly, like old people, looking down their noses at us. I really laugh at the weird double-standards I encountered over there. In most ways I am even less American than many of the Europeans who act snotty toward us. The real complaint I have against the western world in general, is that no one is ever allowed to relax. They drink coffee continuously, and everybody is "somebody", and if you are okay with just being a "nobody", watch out, because they'll make your life hell, until you realize that even your insignificant life-form is at least worth the vote you have the ability to cast for these assholes, after which they dont mind tossing you out in the street to beg for coins. There should be something concerning the human right to be a nobody, especially in the USA.


@Zyme, that's not my experience at all. But, then again, I don't socialize with Sarrazin enthusiasts!


I dont see why we care about Syria anyway. I am not into this global world where we are all in it together. As an American, I long for a looking out for number one mentality that would cease to intervene in foreign affairs, no matter who is killed.

I am not one of the Americans who with open-eyed innocence looks out with heart on the world to spread a so-called Democracy, just as I do not look on any leader like Obama or Romney with open-eyed wonder. For the USA, I say: less heart and more intelligence, especially the Christians and very stupid and think with their hearts instead of their brains.

Nevertheless, I would be a better diplomat dealing with Muslims than both Israel and the USA. For instance, in Iran, I would give them the benefit of the doubt, and presume, like in the Cuban Missile Crisis, that they are honest, and even give them a gift of some radiation machines for treating cancer patients. This is the way to make peace.

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Well the Germans wanted the USA to help in the war also, and finally in retaliation, Serbians committed something like genocide..

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