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September 06, 2012



Given the history of both Democrats and Republicans, I find it strange that you know so much bad about Republicans but see nothing wrong with Democrats. Both of these parties effectively back voters into a corner by being the only two that we are allowed.


Good thing I gave up caffeine. I would hate for my cortisol to go up after sampling Swiss Mitt.


"The rapiers which made the biggest conquests are those crested with diamonds." Lichtenberg

How long will the people of Europe and America still fall for paste? Did you see the financial stocks soar the last days when the ECB announced unlimited purchase of junk bonds? The ECB is owned by the European tax payers, Germany alone will be held responsible with 27%. But there isn't any democratic control of the ECB.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the socializing of the losses of Europe's big finance has been officially completed. And the best what is heard now of the ECB is that it, at last, acts like the FED. Birds of a feather...

Romney is the man with paste diamonds on his rapier. He can fool people, Obama can not. According to Murphy's law we must expect the worst. But maybe "That which is falling should also be pushed" as Nietzsche demanded?


Just face it, there is nothing to do with diamonds. It is caffeine addiction that is ruining the USA. It prevents people from entering deep sleep, just like a form of torture sleep deprivation. It makes the masses easier to control and hypnotize. Thus, only an anti-caffeine revolution can save America.


The Republicans will outsource jobs to China, while the Democrats will go to war with China. Either way we lose, but I admit that I would love to see the USA go to war with China and lose face, because the Chinese would destroy the USA. A lot of the military artillery and supplies actually are made in China, so we would be fighting them with stuff they sold to us. I am an American, but admit I would love to see the US empire destroyed by China.


The Democrats are "Hippycrites" like Bill Clinton and Obama. Peace love, long beard and hair in the 60s. Depleted Uranium in the 1990s. I guess a Democrat started the Vietnam war as well, so there is not much but to expect their war with China.

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