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October 07, 2012



Among all the disadvantages there are also two pros I can see with the Church Tax:

As it made the church fat and happy, it has also made them lazy. They are no longer dedicated to gaining new members for their organization and can instead turn to spiritual discussions no outstander is willing to take part in.

The other pro is that since membership actively costs money, many leave because of it once they start earning money. This I have seen countless times among my fellow students once we have graduated.
The numbers of people leaving is so high that it comes to the part where you enter the respective authority and see two signs directing people at ground level upon entry: Heirat (Marriages) & Kirchenaustritte (Leaving the Church).

Of course these cannot be excuses to upkeep this tax forever. I find it highly discriminating against children to make them members and future taxpayers to a religion at the age of 0. If they decide to do so at 18 - fine with me. But then we would have the Eastern German situation all over the country :-)


Jesus didn't talk about a camel but a hawser and I wonder what else is willingly or stupidly made up of the things he ought to have said and done...

Matthew R Giese

Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.


Sorry, that is a Typepad issue. I have no control over which browsers Typepad supports.


Maybe an update wouldn't hurt?

I use Opera too and it works just fine.

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