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October 19, 2012



I always had the impression that the strict rules to "freedom" of speech in Germany are based upon fear of the established parties.

Fear - I suppose it is open to discussion whether it is founded or not.

When it comes to the positive value associated to national unity in politics, Germany is no different than other Central European countries. Countries like Hungary ;-)


Zyme- I hope you're not implying that suppressing free speech leads to national unity.


Not the freedom of speech is affected but the freedom to read. However, as long as blocks like this can easily be by-passed through proxies, nothing is really affected. For nazis, there is always light at the end of the TUNNEL...
I wonder whether the use of proxies will ever be prohibited in Germany (or the EU!)one day.


Not at all David.

What I meant is that the established parties for some reason are afraid to death of right wing movements.

And since national unity has a special value to people in central european countries, in their eyes there is always the risk that movements like in Hungary spread and have success.

That is why (in their points of views) they must suppress freedom of speech, to keep nationalist ideas at bay.
Which I find is a striking parallel towards the governments on German soil in the 1830s / 1840s.


I don't see groups like Fides - with the racism and crude nationalism - gaining much traction in Germany. Another reason why censorship in Germany is a big mistake...

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It doesn't mean free speech knows no limit nor boundaries. There's some sensitive area not to mention about especially if you are planning to twittertize it.

Ute Tray

This could be a good action to blocked users who are posting unacceptable posts! We do have speech freedom but we must use it correctly.

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