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October 15, 2012



A man

- leaves the country during war time
- actively works against its interest from abroad
- then falls to his knees in Poland intending to represent those Germans who did not let the others down.

Ufff... this is too much.

It is men like him which make me so glad I was born too late to witness this "greatness".


"actively works against its interest from abroad"

And if its "interests" are evil?


Good and evil - each individual would give you a slightly different definition. This can hardly be a man's guidance for actions with such grave consequences.

What he did know for sure is that he was a traitor. Someone who stabbed his nation in the back.

If he faced great dangers like in Spain, it makes matters even worse. It shows how devoted his will was to cause the fall of his country.

Don't get me wrong, I don't feel too emotional about these issues. But that is only because we are no longer ruled by such a lot.


Well, I really admire him for being a traitor to a murderous regime.


Willy Brandt a traitor? That's sick - or Stauffenberg was the even bigger traitor.

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