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November 29, 2012



I think it is a mixture of arrogance and nonchalance. As Minister of Environment in Lower Saxonia she ignored warnings against establishing a repository for nuclear waste in Gorleben and made decisions completely in favor of the industry. Being accused of that her only comment today reads as follows: "Well, in these days I wasn't as smart as I am now."

And now, she is selling Germany's next generation to the big banks. She pretends that Europe is the Euro and vice versa and reduces the great idea of a unified Europe to a matter of accountants. "I find it very liberating that as a Christian, one can make mistakes," she added.- The bigger the smile, the sharper the knife.


While I like to follow politics on a makro level, I would not dare to interpret her character.

Sure there are some traits like preferring back-room agreements and acting softly at first glance. However what to make of her at the core, is impossible to know for anyone not dealing with her on a regular basis I would say. And that mistery means a lot, given the exposed role she assumes for quite a few years now.

One quoted sentence in your posting I found to be quite unsettling hoewever:

"That one knows there is something higher than just human beings, and that we are also called on to shape the world in responsibility for others."

This in the 21st century of this anachronistic belief?? Instead of trying to shape the world for superficial beings, I would rather like her to shape it for her people!

But proably we should count ourselves lucky that she doesn't paint her face and hop around an old and disfigured tree praying for rain.

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