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November 21, 2012



How big is this movement? Is it just a splinter group or more?

Random thoughts: If they believe earth is just 6000 years old - and God only gave it the impression to be much older - what about the universe? I suppose it couldn't be older than earth, because before the creation of earth there was nothing according to the bible. But then our universe would have a diameter of max. 12,000 lightyears and billions of other galaxies would be within and part of our own galaxy which has diameter of, sorry, ~120,000 lightyears...


Unfortunately, tens of millions of Americans believe in creationism. Even worse, they teach this junk to their children.

Rejection of science has become a cornerstone of the Republican Party, as my favorite columnist Paul Krugman writes this morning:



These are the most annoying people on earth!
But notions of exclusiveness and grandiosity are not confined to this group.
We have to be on guard and be examining our own prejudices, too.


Yesterday I ran across this:
The author is a republican and for me as a foreigner his short analysis why Obama has won the campaign is not only interesting, I also hope it is true.
As I understand it: Now, minorities actually add up to majority. Winning 60% of the white christian voters will never be enough again to become president - and this has very much to do with a change of the consciousness of the Amarican people.

Obama has won the election, but for the republicans the war is just beginning. They are under siege, sitting in their trenches, waiting for reinforcements that don't exist. Americans rather turn away from them and their auxiliary troops from the Tea Party and creationist, which probably are growing movements, but not growing enough to help the republicans.

Whether they like it or not: Republicans will have to reach out for the left of center in future - at the cost of the Tea Party.



He makes some good points, but I would caution putting too much emphasis on pure demographics.

I live in the "whitest" state in the US (Maine)- 96% white - largely rural voters. Yet Maine voted overwhelmingly for Obama.

You are on the right track when you mention "consciousness."


Hattie, have you ever heard of the concept of the 'fair witness' written down in Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land? Btw, to mention this book would make an excellent reply to the opening post all alone.
On a hot summer day without any clouds in the sky, a 'fair witness', when brought into a dark room, would answer 'I don't know' if asked about the weather now. He might say five minutes ago the wheather was fine, but he wouldn't take the question with a private conclusion.

I wish all people would replace prejudice with restraint, humility and modesty. Nevertheless I suppose these are virtues more likely found in the elder generation...

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