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November 07, 2012



The best is yet to come?

It need not to. It could stay just the way it is.

Poor Americans. But good for us. More American public money wasted for social security leads to lesser adventures abroad. And fewer American adventures leads to safer investments in authocratic countries :-)

If he gets better in this the following four years though, I wouldn't mind :-D


"wasted for social security?" I doubt the recipients feel that way. For many it is an existential requirement.


To be sure David! I did not speak of those who benefit from it. Who would not welcome that introduction if he or she can not gain access to quality healthcare otherwise.

But if you step back from the indivudual perspective you can see that the costs are immense and will strongly impair the country's strength in acting abroad.

It is the threat of intervention which constitutes a major pillar of American power in the world. This will fade out the more money is consumed internally.

In the long run this will make America as toothless as Europe has become. For the benefit of the likes of China?
Sure it will allow us in Europe more room to maneuver, as our dealings with authocratic countries will no longer be threatened the way they used to be.
But for the US this is a disaster.


Zyme, I think you're wrong. History shows that nations rather go to war when their financial situation is bad.


Zyme, last I checked Germany was still a member of NATO, so it will still be joined at the hip with the US.

SO I don't see Germany joining with your hero Putin on any of his foreign adventures (such as supporting Assad in the slaughter of the Syrian people).


koogleschreiber: the war you speak of is a different one. Those are waged out of seeking revenge or similar.

American interventions on the other end of the world are a costly affair and hardly driven by such emotions. Without financial strength, they will cease to occur.

David: When you mention Nato, are you speaking of the status quo in writing or in doing?
Why do Lybia or Iraq come to my mind?


i think, the real triumph is: money can't buy you love, a senat seat or the white house. seen in this light, the victory is _much bigger_ most of the stupid media "experts" already understood: the victory of the real life over the foxNooz bubble.

and even all that big money couldn't change that ;-)


Anyway, the next years will be interesting.

International affairs: US ambitions in the pacific region demand a stable, prospering EU in their back, with Germany as its powerhouse, not as its roadblock. What can the US do to encourage Germany to advocate the real visionary European policy not existent yet? For the people here, Europe is just about money and politicians are only accountants of the big banks. Unfortunately, Obama will keep his hands off the US banking system, he will not impose regulations like assumed in Europe. The FED will always print money to maintain stability and growth and, if necessary, rescue Wall Street. Best of all, the FED is a privately owned central bank and not run by the government. It will always keep on expanding national debt to a maximum and the limit is set only by the creditors. The European Central Bank, however, is owned by governments. I'm sure, the US and EU banking system will keep on growing apart. Madame No and Mr. Yes We Can. American interests and influence in Europe therefore will descend. Instead, the focus will be on China, 10 carriers will navigate on the pacific seas and give voice in any conflict and consultation. Most of the dirty jobs will be executed with drones, formidable weapons free to use without being in war. High speed turn:
From the the Winner of the Peace Nobel Decoration to The Tea Party now!

National politics: The Tea Party is falling, Obama must crush it asap. The financial compromise he must find with the Republicans could be the tool of choice. Obama has nothing to lose anymore, now he can show everyone he is not a lame duck or most incompetent.

Americans will get more social security and therefore less crime. Once they have it, they will feel the difference and they will be proud of it.

The next president could also be a Democrat - if Obama really can.

PS: @ Zyme
Wars are always cheap to start, print the money you need. Wars are only expensive when they over.

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