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December 22, 2012



Mit Schriftstellern kann man über alles reden, aber nicht über fünf Minuten.

Maybe Mann should have had only 2 minutes. Maybe his words should have sounded more like a machine gun than like a typewriter. Imagine the situation: You were a German secretly listening to the BBC, and you expect something that is worth the risk. You want information you would not get otherwise, you probably don't want to die for a 'Sonntagsrede'.


Mann's Deutsche Hörer! addresses were much more than Sonntagsreden. For Mann was an internationally famous German figure, a representative of German culture for the world, but also for many Germans. So his words were an important refutation of the Nazi propaganda that controlled every media outlet in Germany.

But still, it would be good to learn about how his talks were received within Germany at the time. I know there was a great deal of hostility towards Mann in the immediate postwar period.


"I know there was a great deal of hostility towards Mann in the immediate postwar period."

Quelle surprise! :-D


Would you prefer that he had stayed in Germany and been murdered in a KZ just like another Nobel Prize winner - Carl von Ossietzky?


Had I lived in the 1940s, I most likely would. A man who enjoys the prospect of his homeland's downfall would not have been missed.


There is no joy in Thomas Mann's addresses. Only sorrow for his countrymen bent on total war and self-destruction.

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