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February 03, 2013



I think there were a handful of days after he was captured by the British until his identity was discovered and he decided to commit suicide.

During these days it would be fascinating to find out what he thought when encountering ordinary captured Germans who have lost all reason to refrain from speaking their mind on the old system.

Him having been at the top of the decision making process meeting those who were on the receiving end of the chain of command. Must have been an immense experience.


At no time after his capture Himmler had any contact to ordinary German soldiers. His false papers identified him as a member of the secret field police, he didn't know there was an arrest warrant for all of them. Plus, his papers had been recognized as false immediately, he didn't even try to deny his true identity but confessed he was Heinrich Himmler in deed. He was isolated from his accompliced and commited suicide during the first thoroughful body search.
=> http://www.deathcamps.org/reinhard/himmlercap_de.html


Longerich unfortunately does not include the protocol of Himmler's interrogation by the British.

You may be able to find more information in: "Die letzten Tage von Heinrich Himmler. Neue Dokumente aus dem Archiv des Föderalen Sicherheitsdienstes.
Vorgelegt und eingeleitet von Boris Chavkin und A.M. Kalganov"


I have got to read this. Thanks for the tip.


Perceptions of Himmler tend to be strongly influenced by his physical appearance, which was far from impressive. Yet the man must have had qualities in person that are not apparent in those old black and white stills to have risen so high amongst such a pack of vicious wolves. He looks like an anal retentive, personality-less cipher in photos but I imagine he must have projected considerable charisma in person to have risen as high as he did (arguably the most powerful person in Nazi Germany after Hitler).

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