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April 13, 2013



Hi David -

pieces of advice from foreign sources to the Court? I believe the court has already proven as to how highly it values international perceptions when it came to the distribution of press seats :-)

Could it be that the two main guys in the NSU movement wanted to spare themselves the kind of press event this trial creates and thus killed themselves in time?

By the way David, which part of the USA are you most familiar with? I have done a 2,400 miles tour through a number of states in March - it was a highly interesting and greatly enjoyed experience :-)

For example I have made fast friends with die-hard republicans in a beergarden in Atlanta, who are going to come over to Octoberfest in autumn as their first-time visit in Germany ;-)


Zyme - I'm in New England. Let me know if you are back in the States so we can meet for a beer. Together we can solve the world's problems.

Jake Baby

Check out some of Zschäpes Friends.
They're as herzensgut as well.





Thanks, for the links. Interesting parallels to Dzokhar Tsarnaev - the Boston Bomber. All his friends rave about what nice kid he is...

Jake Baby

But Zschäpes Friends share more than less the Motives, of which she commited her Crimes.

On the Tammox-Link i posted, is a Link to http://www.ndr.de/fernsehen/sendungen/panorama_3/alle_sendungen/sendung43369.html (starts 8:08) via http://tammox2.blogspot.de/2012/09/die-venus-von-wolgast.html

which gets a bit uglier.

These are no isolated Circumstances, but a growing Movement(not only in Germany) which hits easily the 2 Digits.

Just for a Startup, check out the "Übersichtskarte rechtsextremer Gruppierungen" in Germany: http://www.amadeu-antonio-stiftung.de/w/files/pdfs/braune_kameraden.pdf .. via .. http://www.amadeu-antonio-stiftung.de/aktuelles/kameradschaften-in-deutschland/
(When i was 4, the NPD came Up ..)

"Never Again" and "Wehret den Anfaengen" wasn't meant to be at all ... since '45.


Jake Baby

Further, i do not agree on your Stand to Sarrazin.
Especially to this Case, I rather tempt to a red Line of Freedom of Speech when it comes to Hatespeech and 'Volksverhetzung on lower and for sure bigger Stage of negative Influence to a significant Public.

Sarrazin went into the Genealogy/DNA to categories certain, big Junks of People as dumber/smarter, mad/better, socially 'Ticks/or less, religious related, etc. .... and appollogized(even changed his fucking Book), after harsh Kritik, for his Jewish-Gene/DNA .... (Hitler realy made a Point with That)

Freedom of Speech ... my Arse!!

Myself a German, i haven't been born yet, to "been There, .. done That"
But as a late Afterwar-Child, I'd kick his Ass and Others, since '45 as hard as I could ....


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