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April 13, 2013



Their success is highly unpredictable at this moment.

Most important factors for it would be:

- How negative/positive the media report on it in the coming months
- whether the seemingly intellectual touch of its first members (PhDs and Professors and so forth) can actually connect to the broad masses.
- whether further unpopular measurements have to be enacted by the current government until the election.

Even if they do not play a major role in the future, I expect them to have a similar impact on the political landscape as the Green Party had: Before the Greens, the established parties could afford to neglect environmental policies. After their ascend, the others had to occupy this part of politics - and if only to appease the public and draw voters away from them.

So if nothing goes terribly wrong, the AfD's biggest impact could be a more euro-sceptic political landscape in Germany (for better or worse).

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