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May 10, 2013



"Verbrennt Mich" is one of many reasons I admire Oskar Maria Graf.

Marianna Scheffer

A few admirable people bucked the trend, Like Dr. Fred Peters, who taught in the Portland area. But he had to leave, of course.


It always makes me smile, seing anti-fascist propaganda portraying fascist propaganda pictures.

I wonder whether it ever occured to the disdainful speaker in this youtube video that he would have been no different, had he live at that time?

With the same voice full of contempt, one could well imagine him as a commenter for cinema spots :-D


@Zyme - were you ever curious about why this hysterical book burning happened in Germany - but not in other countries like Great Britain, US, France, etc.?


Interesting question.
Don't you think that people like Oswald Mosley or from the German-American Bund would have burned books, too?

I'm sure similar has happened in all those countries where national socialist governments rose to power?

What would be your assessment?


Human rights, freedom of speech etc. are relatively new, western values. They don't fit for countries with completely different cultural and historic backgrounds, like for example China, Iran or North Korea and, perhaps, Russia, too. Missionary campaigns are rejected not only by the governments but also by an introverted, mainly agricultural Population. As they proceed to higher industrial Levels, they probably will adopt some western standards, but this will come voluntarily and not through arrogant instruction.

So the question is, where on the big scale of developments has Germany been in the 1930s? And, to be fair, which comparisons with other nations would be allowed then - if ever? The result might be None - each case is individual and everything else is simply rethoric.

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