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August 08, 2013


dz alexander

That's quite a leap you make there at the end. Are you really suggesting that the anti-NSA "protestants" are just finding another pretence for their anti-Americanism?
This psychologizing of political criticism reminds me of William Buckley's remark that "We analyse our friends' arguments; those of our enemies we diagnose ." More to the political point both big powers of the cold war have a history of this. The Soviet Union sent its dissidents to psychiatric institutes; U.S. officials would send early anti-Vietnam protesters for evaluations where they would be asked searching questions about their relations with their fathers.
I watched a couple of videos -- Markovitz appearing with James Q Wilson at some americanfreedomalliance gig. At least he points out that, unlike the Jews of Eastern Europe, Americans have real power. [and, unlike Wilson he is willing to entertain the possibility that being anti-Iraq war might have some legitimate basis -- Wilson's side bar title sounds ominous "James Q. Wilson: "The Genetic Basis of Political Views"]

And those Americans like Glen Greenwald, William Binney, etc who deplore the NSA's actions -- are they just self-hating Americans?

One parallel not mentioned is the "anti-German sentiment that has resurfaced" in southern europe. Any real basis?


In the case of Greenwald, yes, he does come close to being a "self-hating American" - every interview he drips with total contempt for our institutions.

Look, we can have, and are having, a debate on limiting the power of the NSA and whether the existing checks and balances are sufficient.

But that is a far cry from the hysteria in Germany concerning "Stasi-USA". Not one case of abuse can be cited in Germany concerning NSA data - which anyway was freely shared with the BND.

Meanwhile the National Socialist Underground (NSU) went on a 10-year killing spree - unchecked.


What's happening here? I've posted a comment some hours ago and now it's gone. btw, not for the first time. Doesn't Typepad accept comments from users with a hushmail adress?

Anyway, I try it again...

David, you shouldn't point at us. Don't you see what's happening in your own country?

"Secret courts issuing secret rulings invariably in favor of the US government that those most affected are barred by law from discussing? Is there anyone incapable at this point of seeing what the United States has become?"

Wake up, David. I can't believe you still defend that president.


Another comment has disappeared. It had a link to the Guardian. Honi soit...

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