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November 07, 2013



Would we object if German intelligence was tapping Obama's phone?


Yes, but we would be more upset at the deficit in technical security that would allow that to happen.

I don't necessarily believe it would lead to a demonizing of an ally.


We must have great scientists if we can detect the light of imploding planets in other galaxies. Though it might be a classical RIAS Lüge.


this citation sounds so much like broder. everything he doesn't like is german nationalism, nazis or antiamericanism. i thought he had moved over to iceland but unluckily he's still here.


Germany's greatest ally in the world?

How can you not laugh at such a brazen distortion?

Had there been no American involvement directed fully against Germany and towards supporting its enemies twice in the last century, we Germans would be spared from the countless benefits of this "alliance".


Funny interpretation of history.

I guess you'd rather be speaking Russian now...


Funny interpretation?

Don't you find it funny when Americans style themselves as the liberator of Europe, when it was American assistance that enabled the Soviet Union to prevail in the first place against the country which actually did something about Communism.

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