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November 15, 2013



My girlfriend has an interest in the effects of prostitution on our society which borders to paranoia. Therefore I am constantly confronted with research and articles on the results of its legalization in the early 2000s.

Generally I would be libertarian enough to say people should be free to render human kind's oldest service. However it cannot be denied that Germany has become THE prostitution hub in Europe after the legalization. Flat rate parties with women "encountering" 20+ men in one night are one of the excesses which resulted out of this.

Having said that one can hardly blame Germany for this concentration of prostitution, when IMHO it does not so much stem from prostitution being legal in Germany but from it being illegal pretty much everywhere else in Europe.

Imagine alcohol would be prohibited throughout entire Europe except tiny Belgium (granted such a thing is hard to imagine). We would all know which country would gain the biggest boost in tourism the following year.


I don't want prostitution anywhere near me and am not afraid to say so. I don't like porn either and get very impatient with people who tell me oh it's human nature and you are just an old prude and so on.
I think the Swedes are right to criminalize the buying of sex. If that seems prudish, men, ask if prostitution would be the occupation you would choose for your wives and daughters. Or if it just seems OK as an occupation for "low value" women.
Honestly, how long will it take before the male gender is willing to stop mistreating women and even worse claiming that women could really like such dangerous and humiliating work?


Moralistic liberals like Obama constantly berate black people:



I really like that Germany has a legalized prostitution. More taxes less disease.


Well I guess you think it's OK to buy sex. I don't. I think it's a squalid thing to do.


as opposed to the USA, where we have sexually repressed gun nuts running around schooting up schools and movie theaters. If we had prostitutes here like the good old days we wouldnt have so much violence.


Once, a principle of a highschool I went to in the USA made a strange admission to a sex education class, that as a child his father had taken him to a prostitute to teach him about sex, that in his day it was a common practice! Many of the highschool students balked. I guess they didnt take guns to school and blow each other away in his day either.

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