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November 18, 2013



Its good to see that German is still progressive. Whenever I saw the fake liberals such as John Kerry or Obama complain about Snowden, I thought: why? He leaked secretes in a very discrete manner unlike Manning. He intentionally didnt put anyone in danger. So, if these Democrats are so liberal and open-society, why be so hard on Snowden? After all, even if its okay to be spied on, knowing you are being spied on is a citizen's right.


A very brave man. He is hunted by the biggest power in the world, and yet he continues.


It is easy to understand why you are not openly opposed to US secret courts, national security letters, Homeland Security Section 215 and mass surveillance in the USA and elsewhere. And overcrimininalization and the police as part of the national revenue system. In times like these...
Maybe you've already written too much against your government and you think it's high time for a U-Turn because you found out ...what? That the USA has much more people imprisoned for more trivial reasons than Putin?


I am just tired of the hypocrisy and reflexive anti-Americanism.

And how do you know how many people are behind bars in Putin's Russia? Do we know how many prisons he has, or even where they are?

I am no fan of the US corrections system, but I do see possibilities for change. I spend much of my free time volunteering in the local youth prison here, working with incarcerated boys and girls.

Florian Siedschlag

It is nonsense that "the" German press is "silent" about her fate. There are newspapers that have reported about it. Do you really say that Diez' report has been ignored?


"Another way is to steal state secrets and leak them to the public"

Don't leave out the all-important parts of this sentence to make it true:

Another way is to steal foreign state secrets and leak them to the public when it serves German interests.

"Yes it is unfortunate that Putin sends protesters like Nadeschda to Siberia, that he has his thugs beat up and imprison gays and lesbians, that he arrests opposition candidates and murders reporters who investigate his corrupt regime. Because, after all, those facts are inconsequetial compared to the fact that the US monitored the chancellor's cell phone."

Of course the former issues are less important in comparison to the latter. Did you really expect German people to worry more about how Russians deal with minorities in their country in comparison to the German chancellor being (un-)able to communicate without treacherous and unregenerate foreign interception?

Would you really expect the American people to ignore a European country spying on the President of the United States because there are so many human rights violations going on elsewhere in the world?

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