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November 29, 2013



Far more interesting than why the Germans suddenly turn against American "safekeeping" of our sovereignty (how dare we?) is how Germans could turn a blind eye to brazen American operations on our soil in the past. More documentaries on this should be sponsored by the state so that the people's current uncertainty can be addressed.

Denouncing movements which seem to aim at rectifying this untenable situation only shows how unregenerate you are in defending American meddling within foreign countries.

If both left and right stand up to deal with these problems, all it does is that it looks like a promising trend towards increased national unity.


And if this increased unity is something the Americans gave rise to - well then we finally found something we can actually thank them for! :-D


You are just upset because your AfD is imploding. As I predicted.


Upset? I rejoice :-D

Granted these developments don't come to completion over night. But the general way the political landscape in central Europe is heading to looks very promising to me.
I guess you disagree?


I am an American and enjoy these prospects. I personally miss the 1980s with people like Schroder being chummy with Kremlin. Of course, this will make it rough for Americans visiting or living in Germany, but hell I am not going to Germany anytime soon! These events make me glad. After all, I dont like being spied on either.


@Zyme, I do see a resurgence of far right political groups in France, Austria, and, to some extent, in the Nordic countries. In Germany, not so much. The majority of voters in the national election voted "left" - if you consider the Green Party left.

If I read the Koalitionsvertrag correctly, the Grand Coalition will be implementing center-left policies (minimum wage, etc). That should make most Germans happy.

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