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December 07, 2013



This article fails to quote the source of it's information. You have copied text directly from the Spiegel article for Harald Welzer.

Please either delete it or correctly cite your quotes.


Gus, not sure what you're talking about. I have a hyperlink to Welzer's piece in my first paragraph for everyone to see and click on.

Most readers understand that the indented paragraphs represent quoted content (Typepad convention).

It is customary on blogs to use hyperlinks to refer back to source content rather than writing out citations.


There you have it David, it's about you do your homework first! :-D

Just joking :-)

Honestly, have you ever heard of the PC Game "Papers, please"?

It is old-fashioned in its display, very political and highly entertaining - you might like it!


@Zyme, thanks for the tip. I don't know the game, but just read the Wikipedia article.

Unfortunately, I can't find it in the iTunes store to download.


David you can find links to it on its most obvious homepage:




And who decides what the "common good" and relative value of various activities? The common good is best protected by a free market and strictly enforced property laws to protect others from the moral hazards and damage from externalities.

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