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February 25, 2014



It's sad that human race has parts like this, people died over there in 2014.


David, what do you think is the German rightwing? The German leftwing seems to be the communist platform within the Left Party for you, and some of the newspapers they run, and some bloggers hardly anyone reads. So the German rightwing could be the NPD, readers of the Nationalzeitung and PI? And the 90% between these extremes are what?


I would include the AfD and much of the CSU under "right wing". You?


It begins with the CDU.


Does that mean nearly 50% of the population would be considered "right-wing"? I would characterize most of the CDU as "centrist".


I guess the fact that they were flying Confederate Flags from the American south accompanied by Aryan crosses and other neo-nazi symbols in Kiev City Hall.Then there is the Svoboda Party, known neo-nazi fascist-jingoist party. But Its not so surprising, after all the USA supported Pinochet as well. Its standard policy for the USA to support a fascist group against anything even moderately socialist.


Do you get paid by Russia Today? Tell it to the family of Anna Politkovskaya, murdered by Putin's thugs.


"Instead, the protesters were described as roving bands of "fascists" who were incited by the United States."
Disturbing news: "Congress Has Removed a Ban on Funding Neo-Nazis From Its Year-End Spending Bill."



This piece comes from The American Committee for East-West Accord – part of Putin’s American Fifth Column.


The co-founder of the Committee, Professor Stephen F. Cohen, is Putin’s principal apologist in the US. Cohen’s wife is Katrina vanden Heuvel – the editor-in-chief of “The Nation” magazine.


That's interesting!
Does that also mean that the statement is false and the Azov battalion will remain excluded from funding?


Don't know, but I'm not going to rely on reports in RT and Sputnik to make a judgment. The language of the bill doesn't mention Azov.

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