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April 25, 2014



It will always make me laugh when Americans want Germany to contribute more towards deterrence of Russia.

One can hardly argue that you can do more against the Red Army than what Germany did.
May I dare to ask which country motorized the Red Army and kept it from being crushed?

Luckily for us, Russia is no longer the Soviet Union. So different options should be available this time.

"[Putin] wanted to shake the trust that Europeans have in their borders. He wants us to call into question all the pacts, agreements, and contracts which have kept Europe peaceful after 1945."

That may very well be the case. Given the way Europe's borders have changed in the 20th century however, I can see absolutely no reason why Germany should hinder Putin here.
Thank you very much for helping me come to terms with the current development. Now I can finally see what good it can bring us in the long run.


It gets even better:

Would you sit in Berlin as one of Germany's foreign policy decision makers and would you approve of Russia shaking the 1945 world order (I am not saying this is necessarily the case), what would you do?

Would you not want Russia to take all the blame and see how things unfold without you having to interfere?
And how could you get away with this approach? By constantly preaching "all we can do is count on diplomacy", being fully aware that peaceful attitude this will have no effect on the course of events?

Horribly evil questions don't you agree? ;)


*being fully aware that this peaceful attitude will have no effect on the course of events?


Zyme - you may be right. Putin's triumph may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory - for the people of Russia.

To the people of Eastern Ukraine: be careful what you wish for!

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